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Do not adjust your screen

A bit of administrivia: we’re going to be testing some new templates for a couple/few days, so don’t be surprised if the site looks a little different every time you check in.  We’ll settle on something soon!  Thanks for your patience.  (And feel free to comment on the templates you see!  We’ll figure out which one was up when you commented.)


Template Adjustments

We are working with our templates to improve our site, so there may be a few changes in the next few days.  Stay tuned, and if you have any comments, leave them here.

Testing, testing

From time to time – today, for instance – you might encounter a different background template here on the blog. We’ve been having some buggy issues and will test a few others to see if they’re unique to the template we’ve been using, or if they’re – ahem – operator errors. Bear with us, and feel free to comment if you see one you really like OR dislike!

Technical glitchery

A few registered reader/bloggers have mentioned that they are not receiving updates via email, despite “subscribing” through the subscription widget on the sidebar.  I don’t have an immediate answer/solution, but I’ve contacted WordPress support to see what’s up.