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We are each a ζῷον θεούμενον: 'an animal that is being deified'—in the words of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew (with a nod to Aristotle.) The Christian life is one of theosis, and this is the starting place for ethical thought in the Eastern Orthodox tradition. Looking to the great fullness of the tradition, it is the role of ethics to tease out the meaning of ancient idea of theosis for our modern world. This blog is my humble contribution to that effort.

9/11 – Remembering and Rebuilding

This week we remembered the victims of 9/11.  There were services in New York, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania with major dignitaries, survivors, families of the fallen, rescue workers and proud Americans, all remembering and honoring those who were lost on September 11, 2001.

The ten year anniversary was also a time to see how we as a nation have recovered, healed, and rebuilt.   The Pentagon has been repaired, a memorial has been erected where the Twin Towers fell, and a National Park has been established in the field in Pennsylvania where the third plane crashed.  Thanks to increased security, we as a nation are flying again.  While many still grieve their losses, people affected that day have moved forward, resuming and rebuilding their lives.

In Orthodox Churches, we also dedicated time this Sunday to remembering the tragedy of 9/11, saying memorial prayers for those that lost their lives, and praying for the healing of all survivors.  However, for us this is also a time to remember St. Nicholas of Myra.  Why do we remember St. Nicholas on September 11?   For the Orthodox Church, as for many throughout the world, he is traditionally remembered on December 6.   However, since 2001, he has also become associated with the date of September 11th. Continue reading