Mission statement:
The Moral Mindfield is intended as an open forum for the discussion of the ethical dimensions of society and culture. Our understanding of ethics is informed by philosophy, theology, and social theory, as well as other academic disciplines. We believe that a well-developed ethics necessarily must have some grounding in the social sciences, while well-practiced social theory must be conscious about the ethical presuppositions that shape its work and the ethical dimensions of the work itself. With that multidisciplinary foundation we intend to bring ethical questions and ideas to popular—as well as quirky—cultural and religious phenomena.

“Deontological” Section:
Because the Moral Mindfield is intended to promote discussion and provoke thought, we have very few “rules of engagement” for both authors and commenters.  The first is that no one is responsible for what anyone else says.  We are a group of individuals in discussion, in many cases we do not agree with each other, and readers should not equate one author’s position with what might be the position of a different author.  The second rule is be polite.  Simple.  The third rule is to make sure that whatever you say, you can tie it back to ethics.

The opinions, musings, and conclusions expressed on this blog are those of the author(s) and do not represent the official position or policies of the Graduate Theological Union.

Contact the blog team at:

eastgtu – at – gmail – dot – com

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