3 responses to “Reflections on Individualism and Catholic Social Teaching, Part I

  • jeanninemariedymphna

    Matt, thank you for this piece. Catholic social teaching is very important and can perhaps serve as an antidote to the extreme individualism in our society. I have a question about Massaro’s list though – specifically point 10: “Colonialism and Economic Development.” As I understand colonialism, it is exploitative, imperialistic, and has nothing to due with social justice at all. Does the Church actually advocate colonialism?

    • Matt


      Thank you for your question and sorry for the confusion. The Church does not advocate for colonialism. Quite the contrary. According to Massaro, the Church sees colonialism as the cause of much of the economic disparity of today’s world and the power structures that remain in colonialism’s wake continue to reinforce systems that keep much of the world in deep poverty today. So, colonialism absolutely does have something to do with social justice, in that it is an historic cause of social injustice today.

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