Christian/Atheist Turing Test at Unequally Yoked Round 2!


Get over to Unequally Yoked and start voting on the next round of Leah Libresco’s Christian/Atheist Turing Test.

Like the real Turing Test, where computers try to pass as human (but no humans try to pass as computers), the idea is for atheists to try to pass as Christians, and Christians to try to pass as atheists. Who knows the other’s worldview better? Who are better liars!? Who will win?

Last year I participated and I did fairly well, convincing both sides I was one of them, coming in 6th ranked for the Christian round (of 15) and 5th ranked for the atheist round (it helps to be pompous, so if you read my answers, keep in mind I was acting – don’t think I’m that big a jerk, please!) Last year was also a Christian blowout, with Christians taking 4 of the top 5 spots for impersonating atheists, and 3 of the top 5 spots for being believably Christian.

Three tests have already been posted
, so get over and vote soon! The world needs your skills to judge who is real and who is an impostor.

I find the psychology of the test fascinating, and it is great to see how people attempt not only to fully articulate their own worldview, or that of another, but also what strategies they use in order to appear authentic. The test is also really fun. Last year I was the “boring” atheist. But I think if I were to attempt again I would try to be more extreme; boring got me to be believable, but I want to win!


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