Brian’s Links 6 March 2012: Robots, Colleges, and Infanticide

The above video is so that you know what the attack robots will look like, how fast you will need to run, and also so you can send your thanks to DARPA in advance.

Recent exciting ethics news? Infanticide advocated (call it “after-birth abortion”) in the Journal of Medical Ethics (Free access! Quick!). It made a big splash, not only in the blogs (see here for some responses) but in the papers too. The basic argument is that if you are going to kill small humans, it doesn’t really matter whether they are inside their mothers or not. And given their premises, their logic is relatively sound. But I do not agree with their premises. As a matter of fact, I think their argument makes it reasonable to kill anyone, but that is for another post…

And for some completely peaceful and life-affirming bioethics, try this Jain bioethics conference at Claremont.

No pulse? No problem! Turns out artificial hearts work better if they don’t beat. So don’t get freaked out when you meet living people with no pulse. They are not zombies (probably… I make no guarantees).

Even parodies of Farmville are addictive. The sad story of the game “Cow Clicker.” No joke!

Germain Grisez, conservative moral theologian and friend of the environment.

A new blog on religion (Catholicism) and technology. I’ll be keeping an eye on it since I love mixing tech, religion, and philosophy.

Two completely different-and-yet-similar colleges: Wyoming Catholic College specializing in the great books in the great outdoors and John Paul the Great Catholic University specializing in media and technology. Both are new in the last 10 years. There is a widespread dissatisfaction in the more traditional branches of American Catholicism with Catholic higher ed. And they are creating their own institutions to fill their need. Fascinating stuff. Watch this video on WCC to see.

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