Brian’s Links 9 December 2011: Bioethics, Economic Ethics, and More

New Jersey nurses face job loss for refusing to assist abortions.

The doctor who euthanized King George the V.

Distributists investigate OWS up close.

YOU NEED FRUITCAKE! But only because it is made by nice Camaldolese monks and is supposed to be the best fruitcake on this planet.

Michael Ruse on evolutionary ethics, part of a series.

Philosophy turned into a humorous Dungeons and Dragons adventure.

650,000 Americans move billions of dollars from the big banks into credit unions. Banks have noticed too. And some say that moving money out of the big banks is an effective tactic.

An opera about a nun murdered in Brazil for protecting the poor.

A person with ideas on how to help the Occupy movement without actually occupying places.

Does Mars have life underground?

The corporate network paper. How only a few corporations own just about everything, as shown by network theorists and some good empirical research.

What is your slavery footprint? I need more evidence before I believe this, but it is very interesting.

Fake microchips for the US military, with love, from China.

Ideas on how to take the country back from corporate cash.

It’s not a skyscraper.  It’s an earth-scraper. A giant underground building for Mexico City?

Great graphic on the US overseas military presence.

Lastly, the Tallis Scholars perform Palestrina’s Miserere. Absolutely stunning. Music from Heaven.


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