Brian’s Links 1 December 2011: How Science Helps (Or Hinders) Ethics

Bat-killing fungus identified. Identification is the first step to determining a cause and organizing a response.

Hungry, hungry sauropods.  Did they migrate to find food? New research indicates they might have.

End-Permian extinction was millions of years of lethal chaos.

Just for fun, you can now know the chemical constituents of your crayons.

Look, a pleasant ethics website!  With good advice for making you a nicer person.

The eerie power of provenance… or, the perceived history of stuff can make the stuff work better for you… or you work better with that stuff.

Bad science makes bad policy.  Duh.

Eliminating evil through science. Yeah, well, not actually eliminating it, just saying that it doesn’t exist. (I don’t think that actually works…)

Two Philadelphia abortion nurses who worked for the infamous Dr. Kermit Gosnell plead guilty to murder.

Various stories of police tasing and beating old ladies. This crazy stuff needs to be exposed to the light of day.

China gets religion. Gimme that old-time Tao

Dutch professor faked his social psychology data. Good for us social theorists to know about.

Lastly, Stayin’ Alive with some robot swagger. When the Terminator robots that come to get us are doing this dance it will be pretty weird.

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