Boycott UC Davis Until They Fire Offending Officers

By now this video and ones like it have been seen by literally millions of people.

I graduated from UC Davis in 2000. I loved attending UC Davis and I try to take my kids there at least once a year to see the beautiful campus. I was a proud Aggie alumni until this weekend.

Then something happened: police Lieutenant John Pike sprayed a group of students with pepper spray for sitting on the quad.

I have very little to say about that other than that I am now deeply disappointed and ashamed of UC Davis. The school’s reputation is internationally sullied. And all of us graduates now have to think about that.

There has been a petition to get Chancellor Linda Katehi to resign, and for her role in these actions she should be held responsible.

But rather than focusing on Katehi, I think we need to examine and punish the officers involved in this raid themselves. Pike needs to be fired and sent to court for assault. The officers who directly assisted him and the police chief who ordered the attack should face the same charges as well.

The officers who stood by and watched and did nothing to protect the students should also face disciplinary action. Their job is to protect the UC Davis community and they grossly failed in their job. They should at least face penalization such as loss of pay.

Not only the leaders but also the officers directly involved MUST be punished for their actions. They should be made an example of so that others in their position will learn not to act in the same way.

So far the Occupy protests have elicited a widespread egregious police response, but never has it been so clear who was at fault and needs to be punished. If these officers remain unpunished, then it will give police everywhere the green light to abuse the rest of us as they see fit. And then we will no longer live in America, but in a police state.

And how we can help protect UC Davis and restore its good name: by demanding that this injustice be fully corrected. How? For starters, through a boycott.

UC Davis calls me every year to ask for money. I have now sent them an email informing them that they will get nothing from me until these officers are fired.

You can do the same. Here is the UC Davis Development Office’s email:

And their website for further contact information.

Please contact them to politely voice your concern. If they want to use our dollars to brutalize students, then they won’t get any from me.

This is the text of the letter that I sent, subject line: BOYCOTT UC DAVIS

Dear UC Davis Office of University Development,

I am a UC Davis alumni and I love the school.

But I want to inform you that I will not contribute any money nor recommend any student to attend UC Davis until the police officers involved in Friday’s pepper-spraying assault upon students are fired. I am further recommending all of my friends to do the same, and asking for them to ask all of their friends to do the same, and so on.

If UC Davis wants donations or a good name that we can recommend to future students, these officers must be removed as soon as possible. Until that time I will not provide any form of material assistance that could enable such actions, nor recommend any student to attend UC Davis and perhaps be subject to such hostile police behavior.

I do want to support UC Davis. And right now, because of this serious and internationally disgraceful police behavior, I think boycotting the school in order to promote positive change is the best support I can give.

I hope that this situation can be resolved quickly so that UC Davis can have its good name restored as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Brian Green
Class of 2000, Genetics

Feel free to use this text for your email and/or adjust it as you see fit.  Please tell others to contact the UC Davis Development office as well.

Tell UC Davis its wallet is about to get thinner, until these “public safety officers” are brought to justice.

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