Brian’s Links 9 November 2011: Psychology, Economics, Outrage and Death

Quantum levitation.  Not sure what’s quantum about it (at least any more than anything else), but hey, it’s definitely cool.

Cute TV chimps make humans care less about dying wild chimps.

California bans foie gras.

New religious studies journal.

If Dr. Seuss wrote “The Call of Cthulhu.” Seuss and Lovecraft, who would have thought they’re even better together!

FOXP2, a fossil of the evolution of language within us.

A modest malaria vaccine. Modest because only partially effective, but better than nothing, perhaps.

Southern states pay the price of persecuting illegal migrant workers. Well, they got what they wanted, even if it wasn’t what they really wanted…

Graph of how Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan works for various segments of society.  It’s a long graph… just keep scrolling…

Teenage IQ fluctuates dramatically as their brains re-wire for adulthood. Yes, it really does.

A prominent climate skeptic changes his mind, even though his study is funded by climate-change deniers. Here’s the project website and the Economist magazine’s take on it too.

For when you simply have too much money… Pay people to write your name in the desert so that it can be seen from space.

Story from June: the Saudis behead an Indonesian maid, sparking an international incident and competing bans on workers. “You can’t have our workers anymore!” and then “Oh yeah? Well we won’t take your workers anymore!”

A Chinese commentary on the death of Yueyue. Because running over a toddler, twice, and letting her die in the street – because you are “just minding your own business” (18 people!) – is really not acceptable.

Armless archer setting world records! He wants to be the world’s best archer “hands down.”

Dismantling giant 9 megaton nukes.  Now we only have a bunch 1.2 megaton nukes (and smaller) to protects us from, um, uh, whatever might… hmm.

Looking for the gene for hypersociality. For those individuals with Williams syndrome, everyone is your friend. Extremely interesting from both an ethics and a social theory perspective.

Even National Catholic Register is in on the Jesus and aliens thing! (Which I’ve talked about previously here and here.)

Lastly, giant mysterious Lego man, save us! We know you can.


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