Links on Occupy Wall Street, Oakland, Distributism, and Police Brutality


According to this US marine, the Geneva conventions protect enemy soldiers more than the Oakland police protected our own citizens.

Observations from Occupy Oakland chaos, some first hand observations.

Jon Stewart gives his thoughts on the Occupy Oakland mess. Funny and with some bite.

Police brutality charges flood across the US.


The Washington Post picks up on distributism! Unfortunately the original is gone from the WP website. Vanished. Only this trace is left on Scribd.

Rod Dreher on distributism.

John Medaille: There Is No Such Thing as a Bank Loan.

John Medaille on Usury. By the way, this crisis is all about usury. (From the Houston Catholic Worker, Casa Juan Diego.)

John Medaille (can you tell I like this guy?) on practical examples of working distributism in the world.

Finally, the Mondragon cooperative in Spain: an 83,000 worker multinational cooperative based on Catholic social teaching. Really amazing, expands on what Medaille discusses in the previous article.


On how to keep Wall Street occupied. A funny video on mailing in your credit card applications… but with different things in them.

Nashville judges tell rest of government to lay off occupy protesters.

Guess what?  On the social justice index, the USA ranks pretty badly. As a matter of fact, basically at the bottom of the heap (good graphic).

Just keep closing accounts… home owners divest from Wells Fargo.

On Catholic social teaching and Occupy Wall Street. They do overlap in many areas.

More anthropologists on Wall Street please. Really, someone needs to figure that place out, the economists sure didn’t do it.

Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party. Nothing in common, right? Wrong! They are both anti-big. Against big government and against big corporations. Don’t tell NPR, but that means they are distributists! Or perhaps decentralists could be another word for it.

Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world! But seriously, this sounds crazy, except some guys really did do their homework and found the network for how all the companies own each other. There are only 147 major companies; quite interesting. Even Forbes magazine picked it up.

Cornell West gets arrested while protesting with Occupy Wall Street in New York City

Church divests three million dollars from Bank of America.

Jeffrey Sachs on Occupy Wall Street: an interview with NPR.

Who rules America? UC Santa Cruz data on wealth distribution in the US, including a story from a former investments manager.

Paul Krugman on bank bailouts. Actually, not bailing out the “too big to fail” banks can work. Iceland did it. And they are still here, and really not so badly off.

Mr. Jay Smooth, of IllDoctrine, YouTube philosopher, on Occupy Wall Street. He uses the analogy of a three-card monte street hustler to explain the national reaction to OWS.

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