Brian’s Links 25 October 2011: Superheroes, Gods, and Aliens

Sometimes when a dam is being removed you just have to use some explosives and blow it up. This project deserves more attention and I will have to say more on it soon.

Bionic suits become a reality for the mobility impaired. And don’t forget the military applications either, surely you have seen the end of the movie Aliens

Speaking of suits, Occupied Wall St. needs your extra suits for “tactical camouflage.” Because if you have a suit on, the police won’t bother you.

And, if you were wondering, the world is intrigued by the Occupy Wall St. movement.

And some distributists ask: is OWS the beginning of a distributist economy?

Slavoj Zizek speaks at Occupy Wall Street. And he even mentions the Holy Spirit.

GTU’s Ted Peters talks about aliens on Huffington Post.  Because aliens and religion go together like… something. Wait! Things that are above us! They both come from the heavens. Well, I wrote about it here before, anyway, and io9 and the Daily Mail also picked it up, so it must be an important recurring contemporary theme in the world… (at least for some of us).

Morality as a sociological function. Interesting.

The rocking and rolling rocks of the Atacama. Polished smooth by millennia of… earthquakes!

Crime predictor coming on line… Just like in the movie Minority Report, right?

New York City cops fabricated drug charges to lock people up for quotas.

Colbert questions a Jesuit priest on God’s job performance. Maybe God should go negative on the other candidates? Hmm…

Turn your smartphone into an ultrasound machine. Because smartphones can actually do anything. They are prime matter.  (Or is that tofu? I can’t remember…)

Great, now we have an ozone hole in the north too.

A vertical forest on a skyscraper in Milan. I like it!

Phoenix Jones! Seattle’s own real superhero behind bars! Right out of a comic book. And now with Phoenix Jones out of the way, Russian supervillains plot to take over Seattle

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