Brian’s Links 20 October 2011: Carnivory, Science, and Art

Hyperfacade light show. Very impressive!

Former GTU professor John Berkman (now at Regis College, University of Toronto) and Fordham professor Charles Camosy ask about the morality of eating factory-farmed meat.  A good analysis of the subject, in four parts.

1) Our addiction to animal cruelty (1)

2) Our addiction to animal cruelty (2)

3) Formal cooperation in evil

4) What is to be done?

Science fiction author Michael Flynn on the finality (the purpose) of science. Is science for studying the beauty of nature, or “The attaining of gigantick dimensions”? (That’s Robert Boyle, of “Boyle’s Law” fame. Yes, the early modern scientists did have some interesting goals.) In other words: beauty or power? Historically it began as the first and mutated into the second. A humorous and educational article.

Beyond the new atheists with Philip Kitcher. And beyond Kitcher with Charles Taylor. A review of ideas.

Selection bias and WWII bombers. Where should we armor these shot up bombers? Wherever there are no holes… Follow the link to understand the logic.

Iranian Christian convert due to be executed.

In the Indian state of Kerala, having a third child could land you in jail. I’m glad I don’t live there.  Interestingly the article is clearly addressed only towards men: “You can be imprisoned for impregnating your own wife.” Methinks the discussion is having several layers of problems.

Gandhi goes to Wall Street: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

The Journal Science on the anthropocene (article and text of a chat held a few days ago). Should we call this a new geologic age, are we that much or an impact on the planet?  My opinion: let’s wait a bit longer and see.

Hmm, a US government kill list for Americans, huh? I don’t think any American citizen should be happy about that.

Pacific Islands united against climate change.  But how? Through a goodwill mission of song and dance. Check the tour dates to see if they will be near you.

And lastly, I talked about her removal in June (after her mysterious appearance in April), but here is some recent news on the Surfing Our Lady of Guadalupe. She’s currently in storage, but the people of Encinitas are looking for a good home for her, maybe even (gasp!) on state land:

Surfing Madonna proposal faces wave of red tape

Surfing Madonna begins public art review

Surfing Madonna inspires architectural exam

The Surfing Our Lady of Guadalupe in Encinitas

One response to “Brian’s Links 20 October 2011: Carnivory, Science, and Art

  • Marilyn

    Thanks especially for the four part Berkman/Camosy link(s). The discussions that follow in the comment sections of each installment are terrific, too. Well worth digging into.

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