Brian’s Links 12 October 2011: Police Brutality, Legality, and Cyborgs

Regardless of your opinion of the Occupy Wall Street protests, there is something about them that should anger every American. The police brutality that has been permitted in response. Our government must not treat peaceful citizens this way. The offending police officers need to face legal action. This is just one video of countless, I post this particular one because it is from Russia Today and the irony is just too much.

Watch the guy in a suit wade easily through the turmoil at 1:20!

Keep those cameras rolling…

Jana Bennett on abortion and the death penalty…  can Catholics oppose both or only one?

ScienceNow on new biofuels produced directly by solar energy.

Palau prepares to take legal action over climate change.

And the Marshall Islands completely protects all sharks from hunting.

Al-Awlaki’s death. Terrorist, yes. American citizen, yes. Killing US citizens without due process? Last I checked that was even less allowed that beating peaceful American protesters.

And on the subject of terrorists, Al-Qaeda demands that Iran stop spreading 9/11 conspiracy theories! Because sometimes evil doesn’t want to hide: instead, in its pride, it demands proper attribution.

Lab rat gets artificial cerebellum and becomes a cyber-rat. The first partially disembrained and reconstructed creature?

And a monkey controls a computer simulation of a hand with only its mind.

A Paris mosque’s role in saving Jews in World War Two. A story that needs to be told.

And the Devil went down to Georgia. Just because winning fiddle battles with the Devil makes everything a tiny bit better.

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