Understanding what concerns the other side

A great op-ed piece by a sociologist, of course … “To move forward, we, as a country, need to lower the political conflict. Yes, the views found in fundamentalist churches are not exactly the same as those at the National Science Foundation. But we would see less of the polarizing “we real Americans” rhetoric from the religious right if its members were not ridiculed as know-nothings.” And I agree … he actually derives his opinion from data he’s gathered in regard to actual Fundamentalist and Evangelical Christians as well.

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An individual so traumatized by his parents' late-in-life conversion from "life in the fast lane" to born again Christianity that he has been driven to study religion for the rest of his life. His main interest is in religion "outside the box" ... religiosity as it happens in small groups, subcultures, and organizations. View all posts by Jaime Wright

One response to “Understanding what concerns the other side

  • Brian Green

    Good ethics, social theory, and science and religion find! And the author is right to point to the “values” issues driving the conflict. In the Scope trial, few remember that Scope’s text also advocated eugenics based on social Darwinism, and Wm. J. Bryan as a populist was a huge opponent of eugenics.

    I also liked this piece that linked from the article you found. The interesting Rick Perry quote: “Do we want a candidate who is a good, moral person, or one who is a born-again follower of the Lord Jesus Christ?” I’m not sure there’s any way to recover that one…


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