Brian’s Links 7 October 2011: Science, Religion, and Fights

Police brutality in New York City? And the video that shows the incident: a police officer pepper sprays protesters seemingly without provocation. NY Times says the force is trained for different threats.

Jesuit scientists talk science and religion at Georgetown University.

And Evangelical Christians care about science and religion too.

But a new study says that intuition makes people believe in God, but with some reflection, belief wanes.

Then other scientists study atheists, and ask “are atheism and autism linked?” According to this study, apparently, in some way, yes.

Archbishop Dolan, President of the USCCB, tells Obama to lay off the Church or it’s a fight.

Speaking of fights, what about cage fights for kids… as in 8 year-olds beating each other up for the enjoyment of adult audiences?

All your internal organs belong to us, says the government of Wales to its citizens.

Canadian fertility doctor, sued for malpractice, warns other fertility specialists: IVF makes sick babies.

Catholic theologians call to abolish the death penalty. If you are one, you can add your name too.

Papal address to the German bundestag, translated into English.

Professor has his posters pulled down by campus police for being “threatening.”

What dead salmon think about, according to an fMRI study intentionally conducted without proper statistical controls. (Hint: dead salmon don’t think. But the fMRI still shows activity. In other words,  do proper statistical controls.)

So if flying over the earth in the International Space Station wasn’t good enough last time, how about flying in the ISS though the aurora australis? (The videos at Earth Observatory are downloadable and incredible, better than this YouTube version.)

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