Brian’s Links 14 September 2011: Ethics, Volunteering, Bruce Lee, and Parking in Hell

An atheist ethicist declares that morality is bunk. And then issues a manifesto on it.

Do you suffer from decision fatigue? One of those “Uh oh, I’ve been making mistakes!” moments?

David Brooks looks at volunteering overseas.  A topic near to my heart!

A tribute to Apple. Steve Jobs is awesome – what a speech at Stanford in 2005.

MLK would want a revolution, not a memorial, says Cornell West.

Chief Rabbi of London Jonathan Sacks urges a religious re-awakening.

Are twins taking over? IVF is now common enough to be changing demographics.

US pedestrian fatalities marked on the map. Type in your home town and see. If you are a pedestrian this is a good thing to know.

How long until your nation goes extinct?

Professor quits for lack of parking. I should mention my version of hell is spending all eternity looking for a parking spot in San Francisco.  That or arguing with internet commenters.

San Francisco’s gay Mormon bishop.

This video is too awesome not to share. Who plays ping pong with nunchucks?  Bruce Lee, of course.

And lastly, a Korean priest and doctor goes to Sudan and becomes “Korea’s Albert Schweitzer.” And then he dies of cancer at age 49. This subtitled clip shows how one person can make a difference (the rest of the movie is on YouTube in parts as well).

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