Brian’s Links 25 August 2011: Tolkein, Russia, Economics, and Food!

What would Frodo do?  If he designed an economic system, that is. An essay from last year by a friend of mine. Still worth a read. (The answer is, Frodo would follow EF Schumacher: Small is Beautiful.)

And what if Sauron were actually the good guy, the enlightened scientist and technologist seeking to help develop the poor backwards peoples of Middle Earth? A Russian has written the anti-Tolkein, called “The Last Ringbearer,” and it’s a free download. Just in case you always sympathized with the brilliant Sauron against those barbaric and “medieval” hobbits, humans, dwarves, and elves… (and here is some more background on the tale).

Just in case you were wondering, Bert and Ernie are just friends. They are not going to get married.

And now, teenage girl exorcists.  Yeah, that’s right. They’re trained and everything.

Poland’s underground salt cathedral. Absolutely amazing.

When a flash mob becomes a flash rob.

Russia hungrily eyes the arctic ocean. The knives are out for newly globally-warming melted turf… or water, actually.

The Vatican approves of Islamic finance. It’s more Christian than what we have now.

Jedis and Pastafarians: an article on joke religions.

Theologians are a “curse and affliction upon the Church,” says a USCCB representative.

Bill Clinton, now vegan.  He says he’s much healthier now and feels great.

DARPA has money for interstellar travel research.  Even the ethics of it!

Umm, don’t let this happen to you.  Yikes. A protist that eats children’s brains, contracted by swimming in contaminated waters. And a perfect time to cut science research in the Everglades…

Even IEET (Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies… read, transhumanists) readers are opposed to uplifting animals to have human-like intelligence. Fascinating.

Some scientists think aliens will kill us for ruining the environment.

And lastly the far left wing and far right wing can sometimes agree on food (sociologically fascinating, really). They want real food, not factory farmed crud. So what happens? The government raids their little food clubs with guns out like the farmers are vicious drug-dealing murderers. Now, I have to say I have no interest in raw milk, which is one of the items police seized in their raids.  But seriously.  These people are DRINKING MILK! Do you need to pull guns on them and their children? What is wrong with our government? For goodness sakes, do something worthwhile rather than raiding people drinking milk in a club where they all sign a written statement that they are okay with drinking raw milk. Anyway, that’s just part of this movie trailer. And it has a great name: FARMAGEDDON.

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