Brian’s Links 18 August 2011: Nature, Race, and Eating the World

Save woodpecker, pay 500$ fine. Feed birds, go to jail.

If your factory’s workers commit suicide, replace them with robots.

More electronics, less nature in Oxford junior dictionary. Just like reality. God forbid children know what plants are.

Liquid water on Mars = awesome. And the journal Science abstract.

3D printing and supervillainy. Yup, just design your superweapon and print it out on your printer. Technology? Could you not do that please?

Albert Einstein, civil rights activist. And thank goodness for that good story because there is a horrible counterpoint: White teens in Mississippi kill a black man just for amusement. Beat him and run him over. In case you thought this didn’t happen anymore – it does.

Stuart Kauffman on what’s philosophically interesting about evolution. It’s not a law, it’s in the absence of laws that evolution exists. So reality is free. No more reductionism.

Why are we fascinated by zombies?  Because we are zombies, says the author of this piece. We are made so by our consumerist society.  Distributivist Review is economically and religiously fascinating and I highly recommend it for thought-provocation, even if you don’t agree with their conclusions (or assumptions).

And finally, a game where you eat the world.  You know, just to raise interest in the dangers of nanotechnology and global ecophagy (AKA the “gray goo” scenario for destroying the world). Here’s the promo video:


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