Angry Gods in India Defend $22 Billion Treasure

Open the vault, get killed by supernatural attack. This stuff doesn’t happen every day.

Officials at Kerala’s Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple – where a treasure estimated to be worth $22 billion was found last month – had warned against opening the last of its sealed vaults, citing the image of a cobra that ominously guarded its entrance. The vault –  Chamber “B” – is still sealed.

But now a group of astrologers say they are sure tragedy will befall those who upset the temple’s deity further.  The god, they say, is already angry about outsiders rummaging through the other five vaults, the contents of which revealed golden idols and diamonds, among other treasures.

After holding a four-day astrological conclave –  a “devaprasnam,” which literally means “inquiring of the god” –  they warned on Thursday that unsealing Chamber “B” and moving the treasure from its temple could, in true treasure legend fashion, unleash the wrath of the gods, according to media reports.

This is a fascinating story. Shows what can accumulate over centuries of collecting donations.

Oddly, while the astrologers are warning people might get killed if the vault is opened, the story mentions that the guy who brought the lawsuit to get the vault opened just died!

T.P. Sundararajan, a police officer who originally filed the complaint, died last month shortly after the re-discovery of the treasure.

No explanation in the article for how he died. Rather curiosity provoking… So I followed the link to his obituary, where, of course, some people mention that they think he was killed by the gods. He died of a fever. He was 70.

And now I’m going to carefully try to avoid angering any gods.

In any case, huge fortunes and angry gods make for a good story! So now you know.


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