Brian’s Links 1 August 2011

Videos from the Understanding Virtue conference I went to in May, joint sponsored by Caltech and Fuller Seminary. Stanley Hauerwas (America’s most influential theologian) and Christian Keysers (one of the discoverers of mirror neurons) talk about virtue ethics.  GTU’s own Center for Theology and Natural Science helped fund this through its STARS project. Great conference.

Man steals one dollar in order to get prison health care coverage.

All about atheist feminists reading Mormon mommy blogs.

How to win the Turing Test – the test where a computer tries to fool a human into thinking it is another human – as a human. A humorous look at trying to convince another person you are not a machine.

Is homework racist and classist?

The al-Qaeda re-brand (a joke).  Rejoicing over the death of an enemy is bad (as I’ve said here) but making fun of the lives of terrorists is good. Besides being murderers, they are buffoons and should be treated as such.

A Swedish preschool with no gendering of anything.

Finally, John Cleese of Monty Python fame hosts a nature program on lemurs.  Go directly to 8:37 to see the minister of silly walks himself leaping through a field like a lemur. Its only a few seconds, but its worth it.


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