Brian’s Links 27 June 2011

The Study of Character: an academic website dedicated to the topic. Very interesting; and a prestigious group of faculty too.

California and Texas.  America’s two renewable giants? And for completely different reasons.

Those politicians in Washington are somewhat educated. A map and statistics for how educated your state’s politicians are.

Ah, the old kidneys + jellyfish = lasers trick…

New website on climate change in California.

Rationality is just for winning arguments, a new study asserts. Not everyone agrees, as you might expect.

Google searches for “Catholic” falling worldwide. Interesting data.

David Sloan Wilson’s Binghamton project as described by the journal Nature.  Can we use Darwin to make our cities better places to live? It’s worth a shot.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak predicts robots will conquer the Earth.

The 10,000 year clock is under construction in West Texas… Inside a mountain, wound by the heat of the sun warming the mountain, and made of parts meant to endure the millennia.

Mmmm, industrial tomato. Indestructible, none of those darn vitamins or flavors, just what America wants from its food. Good story about how out tomatoes turned into crud.

Cornell West and Robert George together, united against pornography on the Princeton campus.

Finally a little bunny in Japan with no ears. Some people think the Fukushima disaster (discussed previously on this blog in terms of radiation and technological ethics) may be at fault, and they might be right.  Radiation does weird things. But it also might be unrelated. Anyway, here is the sorry little bunny…


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