The Christian/Atheist Ideological Turing Test!

Are you a Christian? Do you think you could pass for an atheist? Are you an atheist? Do you think you could pass for a Christian?

Well, just like the real Turing Test where a computer tries to pass for a human, Leah at the blog Unequally Yoked has a challenge for you: the ideological Turing Test. How well do you know the other side? See if you can pass for the ideology you are not.

I’d like to put my money where my mouth is and play in an ideological Turing Test against a Christian blogger. We could both answer a selection of questions posed by Christians and atheists or we could each write an argument for and against the side we support and then briefly rebut the two arguments the other one had produced.

Since putting out this call the test has expanded, there will be multiple participants. If you are interested, read these posts “Take the Ideological Turing Test!” and “Logistics for Turing Test Challenge”  and contact Leah via the information found in her posts.

I think this is a good opportunity to gather data about what two sides actually think and know about each other.  Where do the (mis)understandings lie? What caricatures of the other side appear, or what caricatures of your own side help you show who you are?  This could be a very interesting.


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