GTU Student Hits the Internet Big-Time Drawing PZ Myers’ Ire

GTU Starr King student Be Scofield recently wrote an article at Tikkun Daily about Five Myths Atheists Believe about Religion.  It was good and I said as much in the comments. Then it spread across the web.  And came to the attention of PZ Myers.  And he responded to it.  In classic PZ Myers style.

And so his “horde” as they call themselves descended on Scofield’s article, leaving a trail of comments. And Scofield responded to Myers. And Myers responded to Scofield again. And the horde descended on Scofield’s response to Myers again.

It was all just like I described in my post on internet ideological groups last week! (which also got responded to over at Unequally Yoked.) What a fantastic demonstration of my point. The Pharyngula community is more like a gang than anything else (a gang packin’ keyboards). Pharyngula is the atheist internet’s equivalent of a bad neighborhood.  They got their turf stepped on and they lashed out.

I’ll just reiterate that I think Scofield said a few perfectly normal things with some good evidence to back it up.  And then the Pharyngularitarians typed vigorously their disapproval, even using big words and complex grammatical constructions (usually in the form of insults).

Human psychology is so interesting.

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