Brian’s Links 10 June 2011

Worms deep underground.  Not unicellular bacteria, multicellular nematodes.  Who cares?  Life in unexpected places means we need to have environmental ethics that include unexpected places – even a mile underground.

Operation cupcake.  Al Qaeda posts bomb recipes online?  Turn them into cupcake recipes.  The war on terror has now becomes a battle for the hearts and stomachs of jihadists everywhere.

PLOS (Public Library of Science – an open-access online family of science journals) also has blogs. Take a look around, there is some interesting stuff.

Did religion cause civilization?  A fascinating discovery: Gobekli Tepe, a religious site before the advent of cities.

Winnie the Pooh?  No, it’s Wookiee the Chew.  Check out this guy’s other pages too, his art is hilarious. I especially like the imperial AT-AT as Eeyore.

Stephen Colbert on Sarah Palin and Paul Revere. Yes, Revere did ride that horse firin’ his gun and ringin’ those bells to tell the British to back off.  Colbert shows how it is possible… oh dear…

It’s the Great Hamster, Charlie Brown! All right, I just had to say that. Really it’s about endangered giant wild French hamsters.

The irrational Jesus doesn’t care how rich you are. Actually, he was kinda anti-materialistic. And most of his first followers got killed. So much for the “health and wealth” gospel.

This is cool artwork: the surfing Our Lady of Guadalupe. Save the Ocean! But this artwork is an endangered species: it’s guerrilla art, technically graffiti targeted for removal. Too bad.

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