Brian’s Links 6 June 2011

The “not in 1000 years” storm, Canadian Arctic, 1999. The arctic ocean swept 20 km inland, poisoning everything with salt.  The local natives say nothing like it has happened in their collective memory.  Turns out they were right, at least to 1000 years ago. And it’s tied to global warming, of course.

Geoengineering for climate change.  If you can’t stop polluting, then block the sun.  One guy sets out to prove it won’t work, and discovers that some ways probably will.

Sovereignty with no nation.  How?  If your nation goes under water, doesn’t that mean your nation no longer exists? Well, not necessarily. I’m proud of the Marshall Islands for being the leaders on this conference.

The Pope blesses astronauts on the space station.

Apple computers is a religion.  At least according to fMRI scans of the brains of religious people and Apple lovers.

If Satan had a blog.

Fascinating study correlating religion, wealth, and education level. Be sure to check out the graphic.

Now it’s “Dr.” Watson.  From Jeopardy champ to medical diagnostic computer.

Measles outbreaks are bad bad bad.  For goodness sake, vaccinate.

Exploding watermelons.  I guess they were being raptured.

Pay addicts to get sterilized?  Hmm, some ethical problems there…

Life after college: it’s not about you.  Interestingly, David Brooks uses the idea of “expressive individualism” and other ideas from sociologist Robert Bellah, formerly of UC Berkeley, who was very influential on the GTU ethics and social theory area.

Heat-seeking beetles with a 50 mile sensitivity to infrared from fires.  Amazing.

Vam Gogh’s “Starry Night” in bacon.  Because someone had to do it.

Always cook your food properly and wash your hands, especially when dealing with with pork and chicken.  And hope others do too.  Or you might end up with a worm eating your brain.

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