Brian’s Links 11 May 2011

We’ve all heard it said that a million monkeys at a million keyboards would eventually bang out the works of William Shakespeare. Now, thanks to the Internet, we know that isn’t true.

I like that. There is another good one here too.

Yale professor Joshua Knobe on personality, culture, and moral relativism.

You are sick.  Hospitalized and near death.  So sick that some other people tell you that you really should just decide to stop treatment and die.  Why would you want to live?

Do it yourself biology.  Like making diseases.  What happens when we democratize power so much that any nutcase can create biowarfare weapons in their basement?

Daughters = kill. A brief book review on  stories from China.

It’s not a war, it’s an “experimental bombing.” (Note: The original website for this article seems to have disappeared (!), so the link is to a copy of it on some conservative political website.)

The Book of Surgeon.  Like reality itself, everything is already there, we just need to uncover it.  Impressive artwork.

How do you get your students to not cheat on a test?  Threaten them with divine punishment! God will smite you cheaters!

Sam Harris finds a plausible explanation for religion being true!  An argument he cannot refute!  It’s Nick Bostom’s argument for reality as a computer simulation.  Combine that with the fact that someday any sufficiently advanced religious programmer could create such a thing, and suddenly all religions might – MIGHT – while possibly not being true right now (though they could be… where are we, after all…) – actually BECOME true, someday, for the residents of some potential simulation.  God, our great programmer in the sky.  If find this to be amusing.

So how did the beer-fast go? (All Lent, beer.  Just beer.  Nothing but beer.  For over 40 days…)

Will San Francisco ban male circumcision?

And now, two inspiring videos…

Panyee FC.  You live on a floating village?  People say that means you can’t play football? You can still play football!  Build a floating soccer field.  A humorous and happy video.

And existentialist Star Wars.  A dark and brooding cinematic experience. So funny it hurts.

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