Brian’s Links 31 March 2011

Some of these are a bit old, but here’s the whole month of March (sorta) in ethics!

Japan’s nuclear crisis: plutonium in the soil, iodine 131 in Massachusetts rain, and risk projections and moral culpability.  The risk link is particularly telling: why use 3000 years of history when you can use only 100 and thus avoid thinking about the REALLY disastrous possibilities?

The US military is working hard to use its power for good in Japan’s disaster.

Plastic peril… I talked about this a few months ago.  Basically, plastics have lots of unusual chemicals in them that do weird stuff.  Like acting as hormones… and reducing sperm count…  Eh, but it’ll be all right… right?

Land of the jailed and home of the tortured.  Bradley Manning, the SUSPECTED person in the Wikileaks 200,000 document leak, is being treated badly in prison.  And this seems to just be expected and okay now.  Dude, where’s my country?

BART has disgusting seats, perhaps bad enough to kill you, if you are unlucky enough.

Genetic tests show Hitler was Jewish.

Bioethics Professor Julian Savulescu advocates mass-scale PGD.  Breed for intelligence to save money later.

Biologists say religion will win (Royal Society)! Physicists say religion will die!

Why did you refuse to launch your nuclear missiles?  Because I am a human being.

Being nice and polite makes everything run well.

Mortification reduces guilt.

And for one kind of mortification: be traditional.  Fast on beer alone.

Oldest “American” bird survives tsunami! Unfortunately, thousands of other birds did not.

And a funny video: John Cleese on genetic determinism and  reductionism.

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