Nuclear Junk

National Geographic has some amazing images (go to their website and scroll through them to see) of HOT nuclear waste being transported in Europe.  Those little atoms can do some interesting things… I’ve always found the idea of innately warm inorganic material to be rather disturbing.

There are some interesting related stories too, such as the one Marilyn referred to below on the “silver lining” of the mushroom cloud – it might temporarily ease global warming!  And another discussing radioactive groundwater leaching out of an abandoned salt mine/nuclear waste dump in Germany.

And not to be left out, we have radioactive stuff right here in California, of course!  Radioactive beagle residue at UC Davis.  I used to know a radiation officer who had been keeping track of the radioactive plume spreading in the groundwater from these experiments.

Such are the hazards of modern life, I suppose.  We gain power and we mess up before we figure out how to use it properly.  Personally, I think we need to try a little harder not to make our planet poisonous to advanced life forms.  Cockroaches can take a lot of radiation.  Humans not so much.


Just found this fascinating movie about radioactive storage in Finland.  Storage for 100,000 years.  Something for future generations to remember us by…


Reactors are melting down in Japan right now.  These power plants should never have been built in these locations.

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