Brian’s Links 17 Feb 2011

The new atheists?  Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris…  Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams tells his clergy to “sic ‘em!” Buhaha!  I love a philosophical fight.

Creative cheating. Creative people can figure out how to break rules. Well, they are creative, after all.

Jonathan Haidt: social psychology should include even conservatives.  Limiting viewpoints can harm research.  And Massimo Pigliucci thinks Haidt is wrong.

War games and PTSD… should returning soldiers avoid violent games?

Is it too easy to buy things on the internet?  How about a kid buying a fighter jet?

Wife beating in Bhutan. Most Bhutanese women think it is appropriate for their husbands to beat them. Thankfully the government is opposed to wife-beating, it is against Buddhist non-violence, after all. And yet wife beating acceptance is highest closest to their most sacred monastery and lowest in the capital.  I think the monks need to talk to their neighbors.

What is having a billion dollars like? Here are some ideas, and some critique to go along with it.

The Templeton Foundation and science, an editorial in the journal Nature. Some people don’t like that Templeton gives bunches of money to research because it is ideologically “contaminated.” I say do the research and let the scientists sort it out.

P.Z. Myers says goodbye to those sad, unreasonable Kiribatians. He’s really not very nice, and has a rather simplistic understanding of the situation (I’m allowed to say that, I used to live 600 miles north of Tarawa, which in the Pacific, is like next-door). Here is the original article, which is rather more intelligent.


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