Braden’s Links 2/14: To the “Heart” of the Matter

Happy Valentine’s Day

Here are some “heart” related links for your browsing pleasure.  And lest you think this is frivolous, I’ll attempt to connect each link to ethics as well.

Here’s your PSA for this post

Medical ethics.

No clever tag for this one, just a desire for health.

Medical ethics

There’s an app for that? But in all seriousness, the intersection between technology and ethics continues to be a major issue.  I’m glad this appears to be helpful, but I haven’t given much thought to wireless implants.

I hate to link to the same source twice, especially web md, but as a Steelers fan this caught my attention

There are lots of issues that could be explored.  I’m not sure how best to say it, but the first one that comes to mind is how the actions of others can affect us.  People choose to make associations with others, be it sports, politics, education, etc.  These associations in turn, can shape aspects of our lives.

I have to admit, I don’t hear much about other cultures and Valentine’s Day (I don’t feel the need to link to the news about Malaysia and Valentine’s Day, I think the word is already out on that one).

Friendship is absolutely a moral category.

Star crossed lovers? You thought you had to travel far for your date?  Going boldly…Sorry, enough corny jokes about this one.

This comet had its course altered by another NASA project to avoid a potential collision course with earth.


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