Brian’s Links 8 Feb 2011

What is the worth of a church?  It is interesting that churches bring monetary benefits to communities, but can we only measure things by money now?  As we so mentally impoverished that only economics can be used to justify things?

Dilbert creator Scott Adams discusses some humorous ideas for how to tax the rich.

The Long Now Foundation, which specializes in long-term thinking and is rapidly becoming one of the most interesting projects around, asked a few people “How far ahead should politicians think?”  The ethically relevant aspect is that people don’t look very far ahead, and with the world the way it is now, that is a very bad thing.  If you are in the Bay Area, Long Now has a small museum in Fort Mason (and it’s next to Greens, a good restaurant!) I hope to get back there some day.

Here’s a fun interactive ethics test with Kant, Bentham, and Aristotle.  I don’t agree with how they handle some of the answers, but it’s still interesting and worth a look.

What are the most lethal three words on earth?  “It’s a girl.”

Francis Ford Coppola asks “Should art be free?”

A natural law argument (basically…) against 3D movies!  I love it.

I like this guy.  He irks both “conservative” and “liberal” Catholics, and has fun doing it.  Here he takes on some bad moral theology: unless the pope infallibly condemns a specific act, it’s okay, right?  Wrong.

Distributism.  What, you don’ t know about the economic system called distributism?  Well, now you do.  Check out the website, and this fun article about starting up your own local currency!

The ruins of Detroit: decay as spectacle.  I have always found ruins to have a moral quality, in that they have a mortal quality.  Everything is temporary, all is destroyed.  Do well with what life you have, because someday you’ll be done.  Memento Mori.

One way trip to Mars?  Yes, ONE WAY.  No plan to retrieve you, you die on Mars.  Is it moral?  Sure; you can die on Earth or on Mars, so why not Mars?  Is it a good idea?  I think so.  I hope they get the mission going soon.

Singularitarians (the believers in the technological singularity) as spiritists trying to contact the dead.  Very interesting.

Memento Mori: Life, Death, and Time


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