Thumbs up, Thumbs down

My links this week will be a game.  I give you a description and you guess whether the issue was given a thumbs up or down by the people involved.


How does Pope Benedict XVI feel about social networking sites like facebook?




Thumbs up – The Pope gives a conditional ok to social networking, but encourages more personal contact.



A recent report in Britain was rejected by people in favor of and opposed to the use of genetically modified organisms?




Thumbs down – Both sides found something of traction in the report, which calls for the government to do more research.



Yellowstone is a place where the buffalo can roam.






Thumbs up – Buffaloes were released but still face potential dangers because of their susceptibility to disease.  This also makes them dangerous to cattle, ranchers argue.



Colorado is contemplating an opt out system for organ transplantation?




Thumbs up – A bill has been proposed that would make donation the default.  People who did not wish to donate would need to opt out.



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