Brian’s Links 28 Jan 2011

I’m going to keep announcing this until this whole thing is over.  Vaccines have no relationship to autism.  The whole thing was a fraud, the article retracted, a giant deadly lie.  Vaccines have no relation to autism, but they do have a relationship with keeping children alive, which seems to be forgotten.  I know people from poorer countries who think Westerners are the apex of stupid for not getting the point that vaccines save lives.  They’ve seen people die, they get the point.  They have seen infants cough to death, among other things.  TELL EVERYONE TO VACCINATE!!!  Tell them it was a fraud.  It is not just a “choice” about one’s own children, it endangers everyone else too, especially infants too young to be vaccinated yet.

This article is a fun two-pronged jab at the media – for lying – and the Vatican – for incompetently defending itself.  “The Pope Challenges the Big Bang!” the media says.  Well, no, that would be completely wrong.  Pure sensationalism.  Then the Vatican releases the pope’s exact words… mistranslated.   Yes, a “supernova” stellar explosion is a “super-new.”  Oh well.

Can video games teach morality? I would say yes, and so does this guy. So let’s try to teach a good one, not a bad one. I love this quote:

“EmptyQuest”: A game in which everyone you talk to is a moral naïf bursting with anxiety and anger. Awful game. But if it’s so bad, why do we keep playing it every day, in the form of our wonderfully real but awfully postmodern world?

Well, exorcists are in the news.  A new exorcist TV show on the Discovery Channel, and a new movie about exorcists, with Anthony Hopkins.  The movie is based on a true story (link to interview) about a local, Bay Area priest, going to Rome for “exorcist school.” If demons are evil, then exorcism is ethics.  When is the GTU ethics area going to get that course?

UPDATE: I meant to mention that the author of the video game ethics piece seems to find violence and gore “liturgical.” I think that is a grotesque use of the word.  What do you think?


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