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Human Genome in the News

Here’s an article about the former director of the Human Genome Project, Francis Collins: Father of Genome Project proud of its effects


Interested in getting your genome sequenced? Here’s a piece about what you could potential expect to pay: The $1,000 Genome Debate is ‘Already … Irrelevant’


In case you want to know what your genome means, this might be helpful: Understanding genome tests: Which genes cause disease?

This article references a larger discussion about how much we actually can tell from genetic testing.  I like it because it is short and provides links to additional resources.


So far we’ve been talking about people choosing to seek this information out, but as the last article mentions, there is a report that suggests collecting genomic information from military personnel.  This link has some details, but it also gives you a link to the original report so you can read it for yourself.

Report urges Defense to collect genome data on all troops



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