Brian’s Links 5 Jan 2011

The Republic of the Marshall Islands and global warming.  I lived in the RMI for two years and feel a deep connection to their plight.  If sea levels rise, they will need a lot of help.

More than 500 Pakistani Muslim scholars think that it was okay to murder a provincial governor.  The word “wrong” comes to mind.  They will only reap what they sow.

More on embodied cognition and weird things that influence moral judgment.  Now it is height: the higher you are the more likely you are to be prosocial.  Of course there has also been a “failure to replicate” tossed at a previous one of these (on cleanliness, and I love the journal title), so I’ll wait and see how it all turns out.

If you want to test bashing the Earth with asteroids and comets here is your website!  Just fill in the numbers and read the devastation.  (Why is this ethics?  Because we can take actions – and ethics is the study of good actions – to prevent bad things like this from happening.)  By the way, is there an asteroid on its way to hit us named for the Egyptian god of evil? Maybe… but probably not.

And if you really want things to worry about, check these guys out.

A gene that causes violent outbursts – what’s this mean for morality?  Some people seem to be predisposed to have a harder time of it, it would seem.  Of course, having a Y chromosome is a pretty big risk factor too (9 times greater risk of violent crime), and we (rightly) don’t let men off the hook for that.

And lastly, how can I resist the “Nietzsche Family Circus“?  Just hit “refresh” to see more and more…


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