GTU Ethics Professor Makes Blogosphere Splash

Recently there has been a furor in Arizona over whether a procedure at a Catholic hospital there was an abortion or not.  I am not familiar enough with the case to answer that question, but the local bishop has decided that it was, and is demanding that the hospital admit that it was an abortion and promise to never do it again, or he will revoke the hospital’s “Catholic” name.

GTU Ethics’s own Lisa Fullam entered the fray recently on’s blog, disagreeing with the bishop.  This was picked up by USA Today, and then drew the ire of several bloggers who agreed with the bishop.  As a lowly grad student, this is where I duck and just watch what flies past!

Anyway, this is of some interest to our GTU community, especially the Ethics Area, and is also of some relevance to the greater Catholic community of our nation.  So, consider yourself informed.

UPDATE: The bishop has revoked the designation “Catholic” from the hospital.   Conservative Catholics and liberal atheists agree… it is good? Hmm.


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