Brian’s Links Oct 9

Why have children?  Because culture says so.  Otherwise people don’t do it, says Longman.   And if the culture doesn’t say so, the culture dies.  This oozes with ethical problems,  including the cultural evolutionary aspect (“bad” cultures fail), the relationship of morals and culture (morals tell people what to do),  and the eugenic aspect (some people are better than others, in Longman’s view, it seems).  I’m surprised BQO published this, though it certainly qualifies as a big question…

Whatever happened to Haiti?  Oh.  (link is to 9 Mb pdf)

Terrorists are idiots.  Shahzad says he is the first drop of blood?  His bomb didn’t explode.  He’s more like the third or fourth gallon of stupid.

Humor: abstracted essence of popular scientific article.  Why is this ethics?  It is social critique: that means some people, somewhere, are doing something wrong.  Even if it is just formulaic journalism meant to make money.


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