Brian’s Picks

Measuring consciousness… But I have a feeling that metrics to evaluate consciousness may not be used only for good.

There is a reason people invented vaccines: its because without them people can die of terrible diseases, like coughing to death.  I have talked to people who have watched babies die of whooping cough (there is little that can be done once infected) and the thought that a few people who think it is their choice to not vaccinate, thus putting their children and others at risk, makes me mad.  The nine deaths reported here were of children too young to be vaccinated.  They died because of other people’s “choices.”  And there is no link to autism, that entire conspiracy theory is an old-news fraud.

On a lighter note… Colbert in front of congress!

And more political satire.  Yes, many Americans believe Obama is a cactus or other kind of plant… according to a new poll in The Onion.


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