Is smoking cannabis helpful in living a virtuous life?

In his book Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens:A Scientific and Moral Assessment of Cannabis Use, Matt Stolick hints that it is: “For Aristotle, the goal is to achieve moderation in all of our actions, with cannabis use this means avoiding the extremes of self-indulgence and boorishness in order to achieve a temperate disposition.”


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2 responses to “Is smoking cannabis helpful in living a virtuous life?

  • Brian

    I will just say here what I mentioned on this topic in another venue – Aristotle, while of course noting the value of temperance, also notes that certain kinds of acts cannot be done well, but only wrongly, such as adultery. A relevant factual clarification. I’m just sayin’.

  • nodoz99

    Stolick, the author, does make distinctions about who, when, and where it would be thought appropriate to use cannabis. Altho he primarily advocates for the use of medical marijuana, he allows for adults to use it in a moderate fashion. He comes out against children and young adults using it when they’re still in formative stages, biologically and socially.

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