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A few links of interest, covering Cuba’s economic restructuring, the photo-shopping Mid-East media, Susan Blackmore on religion, and the new science of morality (which seems to not work in practice, at least not for prof. Hauser).

Fidel repudiates the Cuban economic system.  He says it does not work for them anymore.  Oops, he means not!  Yes, he said those exact words, but they mean the opposite of what they look like they mean.  You can do that when you are dictator.  But, in any case, Cuba will cut 500,000 jobs… looks to me like that means “not working” for “us” (Raul and Fidel) anymore!

Just for fun, Fidel on the Simpsons.

We think our media is bad… The mid east has it worse.  More doctored images to go with the famous Iranian faked missile photos of 2008.

Blackmore changes her mind on religion!  She no longer thinks it is a mind virus.  Good for her for admitting a mistake.  But now I can’t use her book as an example of when scientific metaphors go wrong.

The Edge consensus statement on the new science of morality.  Its worth a read if you are interesting in the interplay of nature and ethics.

And lastly Harvard professor Marc Hauser’s lying ways.  Hauser dropped out of the above Edge conference, by the way.  Participated, and then the scandal blew, so he retracted his entry.   So are people attracted to the study of morality just working out their own moral problems?  Ouch!


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